Angles 350g Candle

Maison La Bougie


All our candles from the MIRACLE GALLERY collection are handcrafted. Each step is done manually with the greatest care. Our candles are poured in the south of France where our manufacturer with his unique knowledge proceeds to the famous mixture of our precious perfumes and wax.

Each fragrance offers you a unique olfactory journey. All our scents are created by the noses of the famous Robertet House.

This point of lightness anchors in the skin of the angels a delicate hint of spices. Much more than just a fluffy appearance, this elegant and sweet Patchouli fragrance is the sign of your rebirth. 

Candle : H 15 cm / D 8,5 cm
Box : 11cm x 23.5cm x 15.2cm
Total weight : 27,4Oz

100 hours of burning
Candle 12.34
Perfume concentration : Around 10%
Parfum name : Musk Marine
Parfum description : Bergamot, lemon, fig, cedar, gaiac wood, plum, patchouli, sage, musk.