Between Two Trees 50ml/TRVL



Between Two Trees is part of the Shadowing™ collection by Floraïku Paris, an innovative way to make your fragrance your own. It’s the concept of "me, myself and I" - who do I choose to be today? No layering, no mixing, just side by side.

Between Two Trees is your dark shadow. An oriental and woody fragrance with aromatic accents, composed of Grapefruit oil, Mate absolute and Vetiver oil, that will add an aromatic richness and depth to your Floraïku Paris fragrance when used side by side.

Other notes: Cardamom essence, Madagascar ginger essence, grapefruit essence, red-pepper essence.

Inspiration: The owl as a symbol of wisdom. Occupying the void between two trees to show you the way in the dark. The twilight is also a transition, a pause between two moments. These open spaces are ready to be filled.

Bottle 50ml 

Eau de Parfum