Heart Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Veronique Gabai



A citrus-rich formula, Heart brings joy and positivity. Discover the gentle healing power of a scent that battles anxiety and fatigue, brings renewed self-confidence, and helps open up to others. A natural mood-booster, Heart is a supplement of optimism for every personality and will help connect with others.

Essential oils: 

BERGAMOT brings joy, optimism
GRAPEFRUIT boosts energy, inspires forward movement
LEMON brings warmth and vitality
CITRONELLA: increases awareness and openness to others
CEDARWOOD soothes, refreshes
CLOVE energizes vital force, helps embrace the future
JASMINE brings confidence and balances emotions n.

All our formulas are biodegradable, clean, safe, vegan and natural. Our natural ingredients are all ethically sourced and ensure fair living conditions to the farmers we work with. Our boxes are made of recycled paper and can be recycled again. Our bottles are recyclable. Some are re-usable and refillable. We reduced the density of the glass used in our 100ml bottle to reduce its carbon footprint. Caps are difficult to recycle so we made them reusable. They feature a ceramic top that, when sprayed with perfume, becomes a mini diffuser for your desk or night stand.