Lil Lofty Ring Rattle


  • ADORABLE GIRAFFE RATTLE: Introduce joy with the Bearington Lil' Lofty Giraffe Baby Rattle. Its adorable design and gentle sound make it a perfect choice among wrist rattles for babies. Attach to wrists for extra fun, captivating your baby's attention with our delightful giraffe baby rattle toys.
  • ENGAGING RATTLE SOUNDS: Delight in Engaging Rattle Sounds! Our baby rattle, adorned with a charming giraffe design, creates soothing and captivating sounds, fostering sensory growth. Ideal for wrist rattles and baby rattles, it's a must-have for your little explorer.
  • STIMULATING SENSORY EXPLORATION: Explore with our baby rattle! Vibrant colors, diverse textures, and gentle sounds make our wrist rattle a sensory adventure. The adorable infant rattle giraffe adds an extra dose of excitement, promoting sensory development in your little one.
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