Medusa Grande Vase - Crystal



Mysterious and iconic - as a special monogram the head of Medusa represents the famous Italian fashion house Versace since 1993. In the same year, Rosenthal meets Versace showcased one of the first porcelain collections : name and decor are highly influenced by the Greek deity. The collaborative work between the two international brands created numerous designs that were based on the iconic female head.

The elegant Rosenthal meets Versace collection welcomes its newest addition. The iconic Break the Bank Medusa silhouette is reinterpreted – this time as a vase.
The three-dimensional Medusa was first envisioned as a bank, perfect for saving any loose change and ideal as a gift. This season, the slit on the top of Medusa’s head is made larger, fitting perfectly an array of flowers.

  • Unmistakably Versace, this vase is made of crystal
  • Approx. 6"T
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Germany
  • 26cm(L), 16cm(W), 19cm(H), 26cm(D),