Raffaello EXTDP 100ml

Pantheon Roma

A very refined and eclectic genius, at the same time strong and concrete.
Profile of an artist who has made elegance the hallmark of his work.
The grace of his stroke has left an indelible mark on the history of art.
Raffaello he is an attractive, elegant and passionate man who has fully lived his love story.
The Fragrance moves on two levels: a pure absinthe and a mix of pepper, leather, teak wood and tonka bean.
On the first level you find the artist and its vibrations (absinth), on the second one its strenght and passion (leather, pepper, teak and tonka). In the background, it feels like smelling the artist's colours palette.

Head Absinthe
Heart Tonka Bean, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper
Background Leather, Teak Wood, Patchouly