The Bull Frame 50 x 42

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Strong, powerful, dramatic and imposing are just a few words that come to mind when looking at this photograph. The phrase Bull in a China shop also pops up. But rather than destructive, The Bull is more elegant. The TV series Myth Busters once tested the Bull in the China shop theory by setting up shelves of tableware in a bull’s pen. They then introduced two bulls into the pen, and what happened? Despite their bulk (a bull easily weighs up to 2,000 lb / 907 kg), these two large animals moved carefully around the shelves, avoiding all contact. Nothing was broken. The lighting in this photograph adds to its imposing quality. The glint in the bull’s eye, the highlights in the woolly coat, and last but not least, the way the light emphasises its impressive horns. A classic and traditional feel, almost like a trophy on the wall, this statement piece is a must have in any Mountain Modern home.

Chrome Frame

50 x 42